Iran Plastics Industry Development Company is proud to be one of the most prominent producers of polyethylene pipes and fittings ,with grade A in quality.

Units affiliated to our production line have succeeded to obtain the Quality Management Certificate “EN ISO 9001-2015” as well as all mandatory national and international standard certificates.
All the products of the IPI company meet the highest quality requirements and its Quality Control department is considered as one of the most reputed and equipped laboratories all over the country authorized by Iranian Standard Office.

We strive to maintain the good name and gain credibility in the domestic markets, in order to protect and enhance our country's industry. Additionally, the policy adopted is such that its senior management is committed to quality, so in this regard, it announces the outline of the quality policy as follows:
• Increasing the quality of production quality by reducing the delivery time for customer satisfaction.
• Increase and expand sales in order to increase the attractiveness and stability of the company brand
• Improving the production methods and controlling the quality of the current in line with the same global industry.
• Continuous effort to gain credibility and honor for the company's personnel to improve quality.
• Increasing the quality level of goods using modern software and hardware equipment to meet customer needs.
• Make the necessary training to improve the level of knowledge and abilities of personnel in such a way as to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and motivation of them to collaborate with IPI.
The CEO commits himself to monitoring and good implementation of this quality management system, and periodically reviews the management review sessions and, if necessary, makes the necessary changes, and it is hoped that it will be able to get in the way closer and closer to Global related standards.

IPI company has a capacity of 8525 tons annually and complete range of products including sewage, screw and irrigation fittings and pipes (HDPE, LDPE & PP) from 6 mm up to 315 mm pipe with working pressure of 2.5 to 16 bars as well as the related fittings.